Extended Warranty Information - Protect Your Car

Buying a car is the second biggest investment you'll make in your lifetime, behind your house. It's important to get extended warranty coverage in case of unforeseen repair costs. Premium Autos offers a variety of extended warranty options with various levels of coverage.


Service Contract: Coverage available up to 7 years or 100,000 miles from the date of purchase at a deductible of YOUR choice ($0-$250).
Coverage Type: Coverage available for damage caused by collision, road hazard, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, lightning, earthquake, freezing, rust or corrosion, windstorm, hail, water or flood, acts of God, salt, environmental damage, chemicals, contamination of fluids, fuels, coolants or lubricants.

Rental: In the event of a breakdown covered by the Contract, payment(s) or reimbursement shall be granted for receipted expenses to rent a replacement vehicle or for alternate public transportation while the vehicle is at a licensed repair facility.

Road Side Assistance/Towing serviceIn the event the vehicle is disabled, payment(s) or reimbursement shall be granted for receipted towing or road service expenses.

Trip Interruption: In the event a breakdown covered by the Contract occurs more than one hundred (100) miles from the Contract Holder’s home and results in a repair facility keeping the vehicle overnight, payment(s) or reimbursement shall be granted for receipted hotel and restaurant expenses, up to seventy-five dollars ($75) per day for a maximum of three (3) days. 

GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Waiver
Paint-less Dent Repair(PDR)

To find out more about the specific warranty options that are available to you, contact us today. Our experienced staff will walk you through your options and help you choose the warranty coverage that's right for you.